DoctorYou S02E01: Networking/Communication with Erica

19 February 2019: Erica Erlanger guests on DoctorYou and shares her experience and expertise in networking/communication. What is networking exactly? Why should one network? And when should one start?

Networking in 3 Emojis:🤔😩🙂:

To network or not to network?

I asked Erica to prepare 3 Emojis to describe the process of networking. Here they come:

  • 🤔 thinking, pensive emoji, due to the long-term nature of networking both in building and maintaining a network.
  • 😩 sighing emoji, because the effects of one’s efforts in networking are not immediate.
  • 🙂 smiling emoji, because once you’ve established a network, this will allow you to get help from your network and to help out people in your network.

Moreover Erica shares also some points it can be worth to think about when networking, such as asking a(n English native speaker) friend a feedback on the way one speaks (loudness, speed, etc.) , choosing the right clothes, being a little bit brave and starting small by getting involved in departemental activities for example.

Picture from ETH Library’s e-pic archive.

Of course a network to last has to be maintained over time! And again good communication is key!

Wanna be a spider? Listen to the interview (soon available) on Mixcloud

We also made a short video, where Erica shares some tips about how to introduce yourself by email. Watch it on YouTube

DoctorYou is back next Tuesday 26.02 at 17:15. The topic will be the leaky pipeline!

Stay tuned with PhD life at ETH and see you soon on air!


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