DoctorYou S02E05: Student life as MSc vs. PhD with Stefano

19.03.2019: Stefano Danzi, PhD student at the Department of Materials, guests on DoctorYou. I already interviewed him in the first season of DoctorYou. Today he is back to talk about the differences between MSc and PhD studies.

It is difficult to summarize this episode in few words since we touched on many points and shared a lot of experiences.

Similar but different as 🚲 vs. ✈️

We make the comparison with a bike and an airplane: listen to the episode to know more!

Main points we touch:

  • Getting a salary with the connected feeling some people can have to have to show right away to have to give something back…
  • Different responsibilities
  • Long feedback loop until the quality of your work is assessed by third parties… This might tougher for people with strong need for external validation, while it might be seen as an advantageous point stimulating the development as independent researcher from other people.
  • Different sociality: if you spend a lot of time in the office or in the lab, probably you are going to meet not so many people during your workday. Moreover you usually meet more or less the same people every day. This can be quite different from Master Studies. If you took different courses in slightly different areas, you probably met more and different people every day. This can be sometimes noticed in a different sociality during your PhD studies, than the one you had during your Master Studies.

Next week: peer mentoring!

Next week a Postdoctoral researcher who initiated a peer mentoring group is going to guest on DoctorYou! It is a perfect occasion to ask her about tricks and do’s and don’ts when it comes to running a peer mentoring group!

If you are curious, have a specific question or just want to know more, you are welcome to leave a comment in the social channels of the program! DoctorYou is present on:  InstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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