DoctorYou S02E06: Peer Mentoring with Laura

26.03.2019: Laura Corman, PostDoc at the Department of Physics guests on DoctorYou to discuss peer mentoring.

Laura tells us about her experience regarding peer mentoring: starting from the first peer mentoring groups she visited we come to speak about the peer mentoring group she is organising and running at the Department of Physics with the support of AMP (Akademischer Mittelbau am Physikdepartement).

Peer mentoring in 3 emojis

I asked her to select 3 emojis to describe peer mentoring. Here they are:🗣 👥💡

Topics of peer mentoring sessions

Some topics that have been treated in these sessions are:

Laura and Francesco after the live radio show.
  • How to look for an industry job?
  • How to supervise Master students?
  • How to review a paper?
  • How to look for a PostDoc?
  • How to read a paper?

And some question which are probably gonna be touched in the future are:

  • How to behave at conferences?
  • How to write a paper?

How does Laura prepare and run a peer mentoring session? The example of the session on the topic „How to read a paper?“

The question arises spontaneously: How do a peer mentoring session and the preparation for it look like?

Laura accompanies us through the process of preparing, organising and running the recent peer mentoring session she had about „How to read a paper?“ We start from the comics she selected which give the starting point for a detailed discussion about how we read a paper. We end up pretty quickly in peer mentoring mood and then look at the whole process and experience from a meta point of view.

The comics Laura choose regarding the topic „How to read a paper?“

If you want to discover a lot of details about peer mentoring and how Laura and I read papers, listen to the episode, soon available on Mixcloud.

Next Tuesday…

Next Tuesday DoctorYou is back. With Patricia we are going to talk about science communication! Tune in at 17:15!

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