DoctorYou S02E07: Science Communication with Patricia

What is science communication about? And what is the work of the communication director in a scientific lab? What are channels for science communication? How can you improve your communication abilities?

Patricia and Francesco after the live talk

Yesterday, 02.04.2019, I discussed these and many other questions with Patricia Schmidt, Director of Communications at the Crowther Lab. In particular she shared some suggestions for a good presentation: here they come!

3 tips for a good presentation

1) Don’t think of a presentation as a presentation

Often people think of a presentation as a slideshow and end up defining themselves and what they say as aid to what they are showing on the slides. Do the other way around! Whatever you show should support what you are saying and your message. Do not hide behind the presentation: it is you who must deliver the message! Be the focus of your presentation and do not let the slides take over!

2) Use your presence on stage to amplify your message

Use your body language and your voice to emphasise the message you want to convey. Think of the different effects that the use of your body language and your voice can have and how they can support the communication of your message.

3) Have a catchy start, a red thread and end with ONE key message

To discover the key message of this episode: listen to the podcast!

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Next Tuesday 17:15…

we are going to talk about the Nepali Scientific Association in Switzerland. What motivates this association? What kind of activities do they organize? Tune in to find out more!


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