DoctorYou S02E08: NepSAS with Ranjan

Ranjan and Francesco after the live radio talk.

What is the mission of NepSAS? What do the startups they mentor and foster in Nepal do?
Its president, Ranjan Mishra, who is also PhD student at the Department of Biology, guests on today’s episode and tells us about the story, the successes, the challenges and the future perspectives of the Nepali Scientific Association in Switzerland. Innovation, technology transfer, contextualized technologies are keywords. (On on the 09.04.2019.)

Next week…

Is the week of academic writing! Dr. Simon Milligan, who holds courses in academic writing and that many of you have already met, will guest on DoctorYou. Who knows, maybe he will bring you some Easter present in form of some suggestions to upgrade your academic writing skills? Profit of the occasion: have you questions, so send them in on  Instagram or Twitter . If you prefer an anonymous platform, you can use the chat section on this website (top right corner) during the live stream!

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