DoctorYou S02E10: 5 Master Suppression Techniques with Elisa

Dr. Elisa Araldi guests on DoctorYou today and we talk about Master Suppression techniques.

Master Suppression Techniques are techniques used to gain and maintain power by suppressing other people in a hierarchical environment. The framework of master suppression techniques was introduced by Ingjald Nissen and then made popular by Berit Ås. The 5 Master Suppression Techniques are:

  • 1) Ridiculing
  • 2) Making invisible
  • 3) Withholding information
  • 4) Double punishment
  • 5) Blame and shame

This episode is based on two documents found online and complemented by our own reflections: – A document by the empowerment network at Stockholm University (in Swedish) and a document on the Website of Karolinska Institutet.

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DoctorYou is back on Tuesday 14 May, 17:15, on with the topic „The process of scientific publication“

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