DoctorYou S02E11: The process of scientific publication with Rita

Rita and Francesco after the episode

14.05.2019: How is the process of scientific publication? What are our experiences of it? Today Rita Saleh, PhD student at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, guests on DoctorYou for the second time. We have already collected some experience in the process of scientific publication and we share some thoughts rising from our (still limited) experience about 4 points :

  1. Journal selection
  2. Writing
  3. Content
  4. Review

A very interesting point brought up by Rita is the difference between Abstract, Conclusion and Summary! Listen to the podcast soon available to get to know more!

Next Tuesday, 17:15, the Nightline

is going to guest on DoctorYou. The Nightline is a student initiative, where volunteers are available during the night for anonymous phone calls. To get to know the Nightline better I invited the president Friederike and the coordinator of the events Ricarda to guest on DoctorYou!

Remeber to tune in next Tuesday at 17:15 on and see you on air!


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