DoctorYou S02E12: The Nightline with Ricarda

21.05.2019: Ricarda Rosskopf, who studies Earth Sciences in the last semester of her Bachelors and is in charge for the events of the Nightline Zürich, guests on DoctorYou.

We start with the Nightline in 3 emojis:

  1. 🌔 : moon, because the help and the service offered by the Nightline is offered during the night.
  2. 📱 : phone, because you can call or chat with the Nightliners during the night.
  3. 👥: two people communicating, because the Nightline is about talking and chatting.

We discuss also the principles of the Nightline (anonymity, non directive approach and confidentiality), what is the mission of the Nightline, what it is like to be a Nightliner and how you can start to volunteer in the Nightline. Go in and listen to the whole episode to get to know more about the work of this student association! It will be soon available on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud.

Next week, 17:15, on…

surprise… The content is still to be defined. Stay tuned on our social media for updates:  InstagramTwitter and YouTube. And if you have suggestions for the program or want to share something, fill in the form below, which is anonymous.

Thank you for listening and see you on air next week!


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