DoctorYou S02E13: The gift you would give to all PhD students…? with Nolwenn and Matthew

28.05.2019: Dr. Nolwenn Lemaître and Dr. Matthew Clarkson from the Department of Earth Sciences guest on DoctorYou. Also Aditi Chatterjee, who guested in S02E04 is in the studio!

The big question opening this episode is: What would you give as a gift to all PhD students if you would not have any constraint? The two answers we get are self-awareness (Matthew) and excitement about science (Nolwenn). We also discuss how to get self-awareness and excitement about science.

Other two topics we talk about are collaboration vs. competition and having multiple supervisors. In that regard, Nolwenn and Matthew have experience of having multiple supervisors: Nolwenn has had 4 supervisors and Matthew 3 during their PhD. They share with us the roles their supervisors, the advantages but also the challanges of having multiple supervisors.

We close the episode with the worst and best from their PhD experiences. Go in and listen to the episode on on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud.

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Next week, Tuesday 17.15, …

Which one is the unconventinal path?

we are going to talk unconventional paths, with Andi, a Master Student who did her Bachelors at MIT and now is doing her Masters at ETH! Tune in!

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