DoctorYou S02E14: After graduation…? Unconventional paths with Andi

Andi and Francesco after the live stream.

04.06.2019: Andrea Blankenship, also known as @alles_gute_andi on Instagram, guests on DoctorYou today! We talk about her unconventional choice of moving to ETH for a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering after graduating from MIT and the experiences related to her choice.

We also get to talk about Instagram, the blog „Never Mind the Gap“ that she writes with her colleague Molly and prototyping big life choices as moving to another country or deciding to do a PhD.

The episode will be soon available on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud. In the meantime you can listen to all the juicy episodes of this second season of DoctorYou!

Tomorrow, 16:45, Why a PhD?

We are going to discuss the big question „Why a PhD?“ with Martin Ghisletti, who works at the HR section of ETH. Tune in and send us your questions in the chat section of this website or on InstagramTwitter and YouTube!

See you on air!


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