DoctorYou S02E15: Why a PhD? with Martin

05.06.2019: Big question and big guest for the last episode of this season. Martin Ghisletti is in the studio to discuss the question „Why a PhD?“ in a career perspective. He was Head of the ETH Career Center and is currently leading the team of Personnel and Organisational Development at ETH.

Francesco and Martin after the episode.

Some of the questions that we try to answer during this episode are:

  • What are motivating factors for a PhD? What are good ones?
  • For which jobs is a PhD a must? For which ones is it a nice-to-have? And for which ones can it be an obstacle?
  • What is a good point during the PhD to start to think about the next career step?
  • What are important career factors after the PhD in academia? And in industry?
  • How to translate the skills acquired during the PhD for jobs outside academia?

Check out the webpage of Career planning – My Future, a guideline for career planning, and the course My career prospects within and beyond science, a course offered by the Human Resources of ETH.

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