DoctorYou S02E09 Academic Writing with Simon

Francesco and Simon after the interview! Simon did not only hand pen and paper over, but also a whole bunch of precious tips and advices on how to spice up academic writing skills.

What is a topic sentence? How can formulas help you write a paper?

Dr. Simon Milligan, Academic Writing Coordinator at the Language center of ETH and UZH, guests on DoctorYou this afternoon! We talk about the peculiarities of academic writing, what traits of academic writing are discipline specific, how to start writing a paper (or some other academic document) and a lot more!

Next week: pause

But you can continue playing all the Episodes of the first and second Season! They are now available on Spotify and iTunes! The week after next week the topic will be:

5 Master suppression techniques and counterstrategies

Have you ever heard about them? Have you ever used them? Or have they ever been used on you? It is quite probable that the answer to the last two questions is YES! Tune in on…

…Tuesday 30th April, at 18:00, on …

… to discover more about:

  • Ridiculing
  • Making invisible
  • Withholding information
  • Double punishment
  • Blame and shame.

Look forward to it!


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