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DoctorYou S02E14: After graduation…? Unconventional paths with Andi

Andi and Francesco after the live stream.

04.06.2019: Andrea Blankenship, also known as @alles_gute_andi on Instagram, guests on DoctorYou today! We talk about her unconventional choice of moving to ETH for a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering after graduating from MIT and the experiences related to her choice.

We also get to talk about Instagram, the blog „Never Mind the Gap“ that she writes with her colleague Molly and prototyping big life choices as moving to another country or deciding to do a PhD.

The episode will be soon available on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud. In the meantime you can listen to all the juicy episodes of this second season of DoctorYou!

Tomorrow, 16:45, Why a PhD?

We are going to discuss the big question „Why a PhD?“ with Martin Ghisletti, who works at the HR section of ETH. Tune in and send us your questions in the chat section of this website or on InstagramTwitter and YouTube!

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DoctorYou S02E13: The gift you would give to all PhD students…? with Nolwenn and Matthew

28.05.2019: Dr. Nolwenn Lemaître and Dr. Matthew Clarkson from the Department of Earth Sciences guest on DoctorYou. Also Aditi Chatterjee, who guested in S02E04 is in the studio!

The big question opening this episode is: What would you give as a gift to all PhD students if you would not have any constraint? The two answers we get are self-awareness (Matthew) and excitement about science (Nolwenn). We also discuss how to get self-awareness and excitement about science.

Other two topics we talk about are collaboration vs. competition and having multiple supervisors. In that regard, Nolwenn and Matthew have experience of having multiple supervisors: Nolwenn has had 4 supervisors and Matthew 3 during their PhD. They share with us the roles their supervisors, the advantages but also the challanges of having multiple supervisors.

We close the episode with the worst and best from their PhD experiences. Go in and listen to the episode on on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud.

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Next week, Tuesday 17.15, …

Which one is the unconventinal path?

we are going to talk unconventional paths, with Andi, a Master Student who did her Bachelors at MIT and now is doing her Masters at ETH! Tune in!

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DoctorYou S02E12: The Nightline with Ricarda

21.05.2019: Ricarda Rosskopf, who studies Earth Sciences in the last semester of her Bachelors and is in charge for the events of the Nightline Zürich, guests on DoctorYou.

We start with the Nightline in 3 emojis:

  1. 🌔 : moon, because the help and the service offered by the Nightline is offered during the night.
  2. 📱 : phone, because you can call or chat with the Nightliners during the night.
  3. 👥: two people communicating, because the Nightline is about talking and chatting.

We discuss also the principles of the Nightline (anonymity, non directive approach and confidentiality), what is the mission of the Nightline, what it is like to be a Nightliner and how you can start to volunteer in the Nightline. Go in and listen to the whole episode to get to know more about the work of this student association! It will be soon available on SpotifyiTunesMixcloud.

Next week, 17:15, on…

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Novo Amor (UK) – 14.05.2019

Location: Bogen F, Zürich
Support: Gia Margaret (USA)

Die talentierte Band aus Grossbritanien hat mehrere Hits aus den zwei letzten Alben  sowie eher unterschiedlich tönende Melodien wie „Terraform“ gespielt. Und zwar so, dass richtige Live-Versionen zum Leben gekommen sind. Einige der bekanntesten von Novo Amor („From Gold“, „Carry You“, „Anchor“) haben den groben melodischen Inhalt vorbehalten, wurden aber durch die wunderbare Begleitung der Geige zu etwas Neuem. 

Ein sehr passendes Stage-Design mit kletternden Pflanzen auf den Mikrofonen  und um die Bühne herum, zusammen mit überzeugenden Lichtern, haben die Zuschauer im ausverkauften Bogen F definitiv begeistert.


DoctorYou S02E11: The process of scientific publication with Rita

Rita and Francesco after the episode

14.05.2019: How is the process of scientific publication? What are our experiences of it? Today Rita Saleh, PhD student at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, guests on DoctorYou for the second time. We have already collected some experience in the process of scientific publication and we share some thoughts rising from our (still limited) experience about 4 points :

  1. Journal selection
  2. Writing
  3. Content
  4. Review

A very interesting point brought up by Rita is the difference between Abstract, Conclusion and Summary! Listen to the podcast soon available to get to know more!

Next Tuesday, 17:15, the Nightline

is going to guest on DoctorYou. The Nightline is a student initiative, where volunteers are available during the night for anonymous phone calls. To get to know the Nightline better I invited the president Friederike and the coordinator of the events Ricarda to guest on DoctorYou!

Remeber to tune in next Tuesday at 17:15 on and see you on air!


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