Steppas Choice

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Dieser Termin endet am 18 Dezember 2017

The mighty Steppas Choice…
… is a show fully dedicated to the deeper side of BASS, mainly focused on Dubstep but with a wide interpretation of the so called genre. We support bass heavy sub loaded sound system music: as long as it’s got serious (sub-)BASS we will play it!
Steppas Choice always understood itself as a platform to showcase DJs & Producers that operate in the above mentioned BASSiverse and has worked together with all the essential DJs playing suitable sound in Switzerland. Having been around since day dot of the Swiss Dubstep & Bass Scene, and helped to create the scene, Steppas Choice considers itself as a meeting place and melting pot of the different ideas in Bass. For more info and some history please visit
Every Monday 20:00-22:00 CET